Frequently Asked Questions

The Strainbank often receives the same few questions from patients and so we aim to make our website a resource of information to learn the easiest way to buy marijuana plants & cannabis seeds online.

  • After I place an order, how do I pick-up my plants?

    All orders are finalized over the phone, that way there's no confusion on the quantity or strains needed and if you change your mind - simply call back. Patients will give our Reps a tentative day the plants are needed and we can make pick-up arrangements the night before or following morning. Each patient will receive the pick-up address and the contact information of our driver.

    An agreed upon donation total is given to patients before completing orders over the phone. All that is needed at the time of pick-up is your 1) Physician Statement or marijuana card; 2) Picture ID; and 3) Donation; no exceptions. When you arrive, call our driver and he/she will arrive within a few minutes. If for any reason you need to reschedule, please do so no less than 2 hours before your appointment so that we may prevent any needless packaging of plants.

  • Why choose cannabis seeds over marijuana clones?

    Plants that originate from seed develop a taproot system whereas marijuana clones do not. A "taproot" is a single, large vertical root that grows naturally from seed plants. Plants with taproots utilize water more efficiently than marijuana clones. Taproots allow weed to conserve food reserves, which increases a seed plant's self-sufficiency and resilience in an outdoor growing environment.

    Medical marijuana patients can expect to increase yields and the potency of their medicine by growing marijuana seeds. Growing cannabis seeds is the most natural way to cultivate marijuana. Marijuana clones remain however the best option for creating a regular harvest schedule for commercial growers and caretakers.

  • Do you have a storefront I can come visit?

    The short is answer is No. In order to provide patients the best plants, members meet with one of our drivers just outside the nursery. We do our best to pick out the most well rooted clones for you. The Strainbank does not pay for advertising and we eliminate as much overhead as possible in order to provide affordable donations for marijuana plants and cannabis seeds.

    Dispensaries that offer plants typically buy from collectives like us, mark up plants and leave them in an environment unsuited for proper growth. Without paid advertising, The Strainbank relies on impressing first time patients with the best marijuana plants & cannabis seeds for sale online.

  • What are the main differences between Indica and Sativa plants?

    The major difference between Indica and Sativa strains is the flowering time, height and leaf profile. Indica strains flower in about 8 weeks whereas Sativa strains flower in 10 weeks. Sativa plants grow to be much taller because they have a tendency to stretch more toward light increasing internodal space. Due to large, wider leaf blades, sunlight received by lower growth on Indica plants is restricted, which causes these strains to generally yield less than Sativa strains.

  • What are the medicinal differences between high THC and CBD strains?

    The most well known active ingredients of cannabis are THC and CBD. Sativas have higher THC content and are more euphoric having shorter medicinal effects ranging from 30 - 60 minutes. Indicas have higher CBD content and provides more body relaxation and medicinal effects ranging from 2 - 4 hours. To relieve most head ailments & conditions, Sativa strains can treat anxiety, headaches, depression, etc. To relive most body ailments & conditions, Indica strains can treat insomnia, nausea, muscle pain, etc. Many medical marijuana patients use Sativas during the day and Indica strains at night. Hybrid strains are popular and offer a wider range of medicinal value.

  • What is the difference between clones, pre-teens and teens?

    Clones, also known as "babies" are rooted cuttings taken from "mother" plants. These small plants are generally 3" to 5" and approximately 2 weeks old. Using this same terminology, mature clones are known as teens. Teens are marijuana clones are approximately 3-4 weeks old and have been transplanted into a secondary growing medium. The height can range from 12" to 18" and these plants are up to 6 weeks old. Pre-teens are any transplanted clones under 12 inches. Teens come in various grow mediums depending on the location and include soil, coco, hydrotin or rockwool.

  • What are the benefits of medicating with concentrates?

    The main benefit of medicating with concentrates is the elimination of any harsh flower smoke. The smoke is caused by the plant material content of marijuana. Extracting the active ingredients of cannabis creates a variety of healthy alternative marijuana concentrates, including wax, crumble, shatter & oils. Since this type of medication is the purest form of cannabis, it's very potent and does not require much to medicate saving patients money. Marijuana concentrates have become very affordable and many collectives will make it for you with the flower you cultivate!

  • How do I pay online with Venmo?

    Venmo is one of the largest and most popular smart phone payment apps. We use Venmo because the process to setup an account is very easy taking - just a few minutes to register using any debit or credit card. We receive a notification from Venmo immediately when payment is received allowing us to process requests for cannabis seeds promptly. Your purchase always comes with a tracking number so you're aware of the expected delivery time.