Simple, Effective Marketing

The Strainbank has been around a very long time and no other single collective has such a vast online presence. Our patients ask us for recommendations from everything from where to buy meds to what nutrients to use. Reach out to us to see if your product or service is a good fit for our company. Together we'll grow far!

We support the cost of operations by providing advertising opportunities to medical marijuana collectives and businesses. Each agreement is custom, month-to-month and setup fees are affordable. Below is just a fraction of the websites we have developed in areas around the U.S, which allow us to better serve our franchisees. We thank you in advance for your interest in effective, marijuana marketing by The Strainbank.

The Strainbank

The Strainbank

Dates 6/1/11 to 3/5/15 Top States Visitors (%)
Total Website Pageviews 465,798 California 56.68%
Total Website Sessions 135,879 Arizona 5.66%
Total Website Users 88,029 Colorado 5.37%
Average Sessions / Day 110.47 Oregon 5.18%
Average Session Time 3min 44sec Nevada 3.58%
New User Sessions (%) 64.74% Michigan 3.30%
Average Pages / Session 3.43 Washington 2.63%

Los Angeles Strainbank

Los Angeles

Dates 1/1/13 to 1/1/14
Sessions 31,923
Users 21,818
Avg Session Time 3min 20sec
New Sessions 67.78%
Pages / Session 3.13

Modesto Strainbank


Dates 6/1/13 to 1/1/14
Sessions 659
Users 542
Avg Session Time 1min 14sec
New Sessions 82.25%
Pages / Session 1.14

Michigan Strainbank


Dates 1/1/13 to 1/1/14
Sessions 23,898
Users 15,631
Avg Session Time 3min 51sec
New Sessions 65.03%
Pages / Session 3.97

San Diego Strainbank


Dates 1/1/13 to 1/1/14
Sessions 8,982
Users 6,935
Avg Session Time 2min 02sec
New Sessions 68.99%
Pages / Session 1.57

San Francisco Strainbank

San Francisco

Dates 7/1/13 to 1/1/14
Sessions 754
Users 647
Avg Session Time 53sec
New Sessions 85.28%
Pages / Session 1.2

Massachusetts Strainbank


Dates 1/1/13 to 1/1/14
Sessions 903
Users 653
Avg Session Time 2min 55sec
New Sessions 72.20%
Pages / Session 3.22