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The most desired cannabis genetics are selected, unique phenotypes preserved and offered to approved medical marijuana patients.

Our cannabis strains originate from the most well known Int'l Seedbanks and the breeders they represent. If you're serious about growing authenticity verified marijuana plants or cannabis seeds, don't settle for anything less...learn more.

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The results of our genetics submission can be viewed online anytime by visiting the BioGenetics Lab website, click here, and using the code eclones2012.

The Strainbank is proud to have received an A+ Rating and "Recognition of Excellence" certification for providing medical grade, laboratory tested cannabis plants…read more

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2014 Cannabis Cup Winner

Larry OG
Larry OG

1st in the "Best Medical Indica"

24.3% THC
0.5% CBD
0.1% CBN

Larry OG is a phenomenal cannabis strain that treats the most severe conditions and ailments.

An Orange County, California originating hybrid of two popular strains; an OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG cross will surely pack a punch!

Enjoy very dense, colorful buds that have a unique lime tone and taste due to the lemon phenotype of OG Kush. We offer free marijuana seeds sample pack to anyone, no purchase necessary!

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The Strainbank makes it simple to order marijuana plants or cannabis seeds online. Each message matters and a Rep will reply promptly by calling you directly to answer your questions.

Want help over the phone?  Call us today at (858) 255-0169 for friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

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World Class Cannabis Seeds

"The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization
of a drug which helps produce the serenity, insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world." Carl Sagan, Pulitzer Prize 1978

The Strainbank has developed a platform for medical marijuana patients to buy marijuana clones for sale online from experienced and trusted growers. Our business is built on the many successes new patient's experience, along with returning members wanting new genetics or coming back for old favorites. The long withstanding relationships we have established with the best marijuana growers in the U.S. has allowed The Strainbank to quickly become a premier, globally recognized source of superior cannabis genetics.

Exemplary Customer Service

What makes The Strainbank better than other cannabis nurseries offering marijuana clones, weed plants & seeds for sale online?

Cultivation Advice.
Our ability to show compassion to new growers is what makes The Strainbank so different. Most patients who begin to grow marijuana are cultivating plants seriously for the first time. If you find it easier to learn through experience, then understand it will be difficult to avoid problems unless you have a background in horticulture. It's a common mistake for new growers to attempt memorizing growing practices without making a genuine effort to learn about plant nutrition. Our staff is always available, by phone and email, to provide growing consultation throughout your entire grow.

Membership Rewards.
How else better to thank our patient members other than to offer them free gifts for supporting our collective. The Strainbank does this in a few ways. If you're a returning patient, just let us know which one of our popular products you're interested in trying and we will provide to you a FREE sample at no extra cost. Many of our patients are learning the advantages of growing cannabis seeds, which increases the yield and potency of your harvest. Using synthetic nutrients? Try organic marijuana nutrients to grow the safest medicine possible.

The Strainbank has established a reputation for having excellent customer service. Building a relationship with your genetics provider is the best way to earn membership advantages.

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Types Of Medical Marijuana

Indica Marijuana Plants

Relaxation & Serenity
High CBD Content
Treats Body Conditions
Night Medication

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Sativa Marijuana Plants

Uplifting & Energetic
High THC Content
Treats Cerebral Ailments
Day Medication

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G-13 Diesel
G-13 Diesel
Hybrid Marijuana Plants

We breed flower-verified strains with
reputable Seedbank genetics ensuring
the most authentic hybrid
marijuana plants for sale online.

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Purple Haze
Purple Haze
Purple Marijuana Plants

These strains are for advanced
growers looking to cultivate
the highest quality cannabis
for medical marijuana patients.

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Only The Best Cannabis Genetics.

These are some of the core cannabis strains that make up The Strainbank. In different regions of the U.S. we will offer additional strains that are flower-verified and become additional options to the genetics we provide from California. The Strain Menu varies in each State, please check online or call us directly to inquire about availability.

Now 29 medical marijuana states and growing! #strainbankusa

We have many discounts for new patients and existing members. The donations we receive cover operating expenses required to provide superior genetics to medical marijuana patients safely, discretely & legally. The Strainbank didn't become the leader in cannabis seeds and marijuana plants overnight - you'll appreciate the difference!

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Disclaimer:  Cannabis seeds sold by The Strainbank are novelty items. Check your local State laws to determine if marijuana seeds can be cultivated for medical use. Congress prohibits the Department of Justice from using funds to target State-legal medical marijuana programs. Marijuana plants are available only to verified cannabis patients whom are State compliant with County cultivation limits.

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